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Project Management !

CloudAlp brings a unique standpoint to managing client projects by combining a deep understanding of business processes with powerful technical resources and experienced project team. Our project management team is devoted to managing and lead your project to completion in the expected budget and time. Our approach begins with investigating the underlying bugs, behind your need to make changes within your operations. Our project management team provide services ranging from full Project Management duties to functional support in explicit project management knowledge area.

We always invest ourselves into a project and take a hands-on approach, provide our clients with a top quality and contract as your needs advance. From project initiation to planning, monitoring, executing, controlling and successfully delivering, CloudAlp provides helpful project oversight and management for scope, time and cost. We help ensure success of the project.


Because of our team widespread experience managing projects of varying size and scope, we understand that the success of any project is highly dependent on the activities that take place before the project, as much as during and afterwards. You cannot afford to go forward in a new project without taking the necessary steps to ensure that it is well planned, documented, and communicated.

To ensure that the end result meets your expectations and your needs, we follow these activities as a part of the planning process:
- Develop a roadmap with clearly defined goals, list of all deliverables and make sure all team members are familiar with this list. - A clear document created and maintained that outlines all project milestones and activities. - Mapping out all project activities and deliverables at the beginning of the project - Assessing potential roadblocks and risks and evaluating alternative routes for success - Establishing appropriate expectations, a practical timeline, and a realistic budget.


Most of your resources will be working on internal projects have several responsibilities other than those that are project related. Challenging priorities can cause time delays, budget issues and loss of focus. A dedicated project leadership can make the difference in success, time line and budget.

Our project leadership can help you in:
- Build strong relationship with your project manager, team members and stakeholders to establish clear and concise communications
- Providing best possible solutions to issues and managing risks
- Complete monitoring project scope, schedule, budget, resources and provides realistic status at any point of time
- Ensure milestones are achieved and timely complete projects


If any of your projects has gone off track without a dedicated team/resource, our team can step in to help guide you in the right direction. Regardless of the project status, our team can help by:
- Measuring the value of the progress and the project status
- Developing a comprehensive plan to refocus on objectives & priorities and communicate to stakeholders
- Revitalizing building trust and team chemistry
- Examining, identifying problem areas and developing on lessons learned to bypass future mistakes
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